Standards-Based Grading

Standards-based grading (SBG), also known as “standards-based assessment & reporting” (SBAR) — or is that “standards-based assessment & retention”? — is an alternative approach to grading students’ work and reporting results.

Most of what I know about SBG, I’ve learned from Twitter and blog posts by teachers who are using and discussing it. Following the Twitter hashtag #sbar is a good way to catch some of the conversation, including a wealth of relevant links. Although more “scholarly” works on SBG (meaning journal articles and books) exist, I haven’t looked into those as deeply… yet. One place to start, though, is the November 2011 issue of Educational Leadership (Vol 69, No. 3), which is devoted to “effective grading practices”, and which has several articles about SBG. (It’s aimed at the K-12 level, but much is relevant to those of us in higher ed.)

Here are some general “What’s SBG all about?” resources:

Here are some specific implementation thoughts by various teachers (which I don’t necessarily endorse, but look to for ideas):

I’ll post links to some general weblogs that have consistently good stuff about SBG… when I find a bit more time.