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the PER User's Guide logoOver on the PER User’s Guide, the always-dynamic Stephanie Chasteen has posted a new podcast in her series Learning About Teaching Physics. This one’s entitled Preparing Students to Learn from Lecture: Creating a “Time for Telling”. The idea of a “time for telling” — that students can learn effectively from exposition (“lecture”), but only when the ground has been appropriately prepared for the seed to take root (motivation, context, grounding, connections) — is at the heart of my principle of “question-driven instruction”, as I bloviated about in my paper Technology-enhanced formative assessment: A research-based pedagogy for teaching science with classroom response technology.

This whole idea of making Physics Education Research results more accessible to in-the-trenches teachers is fantastic. Go, Steph! And a salute to Sam McKagan, the creator/editor of the PER User’s Guide, as well. (Disclosure: I’m on the PER User’s Guide Editorial Board. Because I believe in it.)

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  1. I love that phrase… “only when the ground has been adequately prepared for the seed to take root.” Very nicely put! And thanks for the shout-out (and I second the kudos for the PER User’s Guide. I love it too.)

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