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Post-Holocene Education?

Tonight, Prof. Ben Ramsey of the UNCG Religious Studies Department gave the University’s inaugural Future of Learning lecture. I attended. I feel like I’ve been ambushed and beaten up, intellectually speaking. This was not the “bright new horizons in pedagogy” … Continue reading

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I oppose SOPA and PIPA

The SOPA and PIPA bills: Yet more examples of Big Money influencing politics to skew laws in their favor, not caring what damage is done. Bad for the internet, bad for ideas. I’ve contacted my congressman and senators already. If … Continue reading

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spin depends on where you stand

In his 2008-09-09 post entitled “Spin”, Seth Godin says: I think there’s a huge opportunity for a trusted media source that takes on spin from all quarters and throws it back in the face of the spinner. (link) I wonder … Continue reading

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Perspective Check

While I’m worrying about whether we teach science to our youth effectively, I’m glad to know that someone is paying attention to whether we stick teens in prison for life without parole. I’m not particularly glad to know that it … Continue reading

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Extraordinary Rendition

Ethan Zuckermann (one of the few people I’m inclined to think of as a “friend” after only one meeting) rattled my world today, without even meaning to. In a post on his weblog, he linked — tangentially, almost irrelevantly — … Continue reading

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